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The Mission: Enable transformations; encourage breakthrough.

Institute X is more than a change management consultancy. We specialize in Adaptive Transformation change management. We help organizations take advantage of the savings and opportunities available through digital technologies such as mobility and Cloud.

Our approach marries scientific process to the artful skills of experience. An approach time-tested by entrepreneurs and impresarios alike.

We exploit X-Factors that drive transformation

Services: Assessment. Advice. Connection.


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Changes to organizations may be small or large. They are relatively predictable. Transformations range wide and affect more than can be predicted.

Transformations delicate because they can upset brittle equilibria in process, skill, and more. Transformations are hives of unintended consequences and risk.

So it's important to be alert and smart about when change turns into transformation. It's good to have a guide


An unknown quantum more consistent than noise but outside the understandable features of the problem or phenomenon

  1. undefinable, unquantifiable impacts that alter outcome
  2. can't be seen in advance; are experienced
  3. a strategic advantage until revealed; after that they are measurable, obvious, and replicable "table stakes"
  4. no longer unknown; no longer an advantage
  5. "luck" until the source of luck is identified