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  • ESG: A Moral and Survival Imperative

    ESG: A Moral and Survival Imperative

    In a previous essay, I declared ESG to be a crock. The message was adorned with a lovely illustration intimating a poop emoji. I stand by it but believe an elaboration is required. Relatively fewer readers picked up on the defeated futility in the assessment than those who sincerely piled on to declare ESG a…

  • A Good Decarbonization Transition (2023)

    A Good Decarbonization Transition (2023)

         The realist in me says that this transformation is and has been happening for a decade or more. Irrespective of any ecological and/or existential direness, which is debated hotly, the transition trajectory is probably consistent with other major transformations.      We have, however, with specific focus on consumer products, especially those sexy things attached…

  • Transformation is not just a buzzword anymore

         I’m often asked—told, really: “Transformation’s just a buzzword.” (You have to imagine the rising intonation and modifier before “buzzword” yourself.) Typically, it’s right after I disclose what I do to a middle ranking corporate or government manager. I have no choice but to say, “It certainly can be.” Digital transformation got us started…     …


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