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Research and Analysis

Institute X Research develops positions, policy, and thought leadership on areas of business, government, and society broadly impacted by forces of deep transformation. This includes social structures and foundational technology/processes such as:

  • trust in the digital environment — digital identity, cybersecurity, distributed ledger (Block chain)
  • privacy, anonymity, and digital property
  • climate change, adaptation, and decarbonization
  • digital democracy and capitalism

  • Institute X conducts self-directed research, creating reports, white papers, and other thought leadership. It also takes on sponsored, client research. Examples of output are:

  • X-Filings research and thought paper briefs
  • Extended subject-specific research reports
  • Client-sponsored research reports (private)
  • Research Papers (X-FILINGS)

    Title Description Number Date

    Who says government can't innovate? In fact, we'd be lost without it.Op-Ed article that appeared in The Ottawa Citizen, 26 December 2017. 2017-19651976-06 Dec 2017

    NAFTA digital triggerNAFTA may or may not survive 2018. To prepare for its failure, Canadian businesses have investment in digital transformation for the productivity gains needed to compete successfully. If NAFTA is successfully renegotiated, the digital productivity gains will make Canadian businesses stronger global competitors. A win either way. 2017-19651976-05 Dec 2017

    Digital TransactionalityThe relationship transactionality that has exploded since the mid-nineties is the natural, if not expected result of exponentially expanding digitization. If the decaying state of interpersonal connection is a bellwether for other critical consequences of digital transformation, understanding it may provide the perspective to foresee the next unexpected consequences of this digital evolution. 2017-19651976-04 Oct 2017

    The Israelisation of the Information OrganizationAll are now information organizations in an increasingly hostile environment. (Cyberspace is riddled with terrorists.) Israel has risen to the existential threats of harsh natural and human environments. In that example, we see technology will not make us safe; the attitudes and behaviour we take into the cyber realm will. 2017-19651976-03 Sep 2017

    Prepare for Quantum BusinessThe shift from analog to digital is beginning to transform business. "Digital reinvention" acknowledges that the process and technology innards must be ripped out and replaced. What's coming will disrupt everything. What will not change, however, are the human decisions that demand broad knowledge and critical thinking. 2017-19651976-02 Aug 2017

    Just One ThingThe secret of successful transformation is not a set of instructions. The most successful changes make a single, valuable change correctly; the least are those that try to fix intractable problems by addressing everything. Adaptive Transformation™ is the best approach to long-term success and relevance in a world that rewards innovation. 2017-19651976-01 Jul 2017

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