Thoughts about transformation and change

  • Rome was not transformed… in a day

    This is an op-ed piece originally published in Canadian Government Executive in January 2018. It suggests that government stick with its transformation initiatives though they may be hard. (715 words; 3 min read) Like any other consultant and successful business book writer, I pontificate like an oracle at Delphi. In my case, about digital transformation. […]

  • Who says government can’t innovate?

    In fact, we’d be lost without it. Op-Ed article printed in The Ottawa Citizen The New York Times carried a story earlier this month, Energy Idea for Mars Yields a Clue for Powering Data Centers, that accidentally challenges a common private-sector saw that government can’t innovate. Not only can it, we would be lost without it. […]

  • NAFTA digital trigger

    Investing in deeper digital transformation may be the best NAFTA gift to the business NAFTA may or may not survive 2018. To prepare for its failure, Canadian businesses have investment in digital transformation for the productivity gains needed to compete successfully. If NAFTA is successfully renegotiated, the digital productivity gains will make Canadian businesses stronger […]

  • Digital Transactionality

    Why Relationships and Everything Else is Different The transactionality (in personal relationships) that has exploded since the mid-nineties is the natural, if not expected result of exponentially expanding digitization. If the decaying state of interpersonal connection is a bellwether for other critical consequences of digital transformation, understanding it may provide the perspective to foresee the […]

  • The Israelisation of the Information Organization

    It’s not about technology; it’s about attitudes and behaviours Even the most mundane are now information organizations and, like it or not, must operate in an increasingly hostile environment. (Cyberspace has a preponderance of terrorists.) Israel is a progressive state that has risen to the existential threats of harsh natural and human environments. In that […]

  • Just One Thing

    The Secret to Transformation The real secret of successful transformation is not a set of instructions. It is flexible, universal, and works with any method at any level. The most successful changes make a single, valuable change correctly; the least are those that try to fix intractable problems by addressing everything. Adaptive Transformation™ is the […]

  • Prepare for Quantum Business

    Sweat the small stuff… The shift from analog to digital is just now truly transforming business. Today’s discontinuous digital reinvention acknowledges that the mechanical innards must be ripped out and replaced. What’s coming will make the new economy disruptions seem quaint. The calculus of digital means we have to continually sweat the small stuff.. What […]

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